You finally got that job you wanted, but it is in another town, in another state. With little time before the start date, you are now left with trying to find a place to live. One option that not only gives you a place to live, but it also comes fully furnished is corporate housing Corpus Christi. This satisfies your immediate need and gives you time to get permanently settled.

However, the move itself can become one of the most stressful changes of your life. You are excited about the new position, but moving has its own set of challenges. Celebrate the good news that you have been recognized as a valuable asset. Plan ahead, use available resources and follow these tips to make your transition a smooth one.

Be Organized

The logistics of moving create the most stress. You are leaving your current home in search of a new one. Try to stay organized with to-do lists for everything you need to complete before you leave, as well as everything that needs to get done when you arrive in your new location. Keeping a list will help you plan and not forget the small things that seem big as you try to get settled in a new environment.

Use Relocation Services from Your New Employer

Many employers offer various types of relocation services such as moving expenses and house or apartment finding services. Take time to learn what is available and make sure you use it. Even something as simple as house hunting tips can do a lot to relieve some of the stress you may feel.

Become Familiar with Your Environment before the Big Move

If you can explore your new city before the official move, do so. Learn as much as you can. Explore different neighborhoods to find one that is suited for your lifestyle.

Visiting the new city not possible? Don’t be dismayed. Talk to people who currently live there or may have lived there in the past. Speak with new coworkers in the city to get their perspective.

Find Out if Your Moving Expenses are Tax Deductible

It is possible that you are eligible for a partial tax reimbursement for the move. This may be true even if your new employer does not offer financial assistance. Knowing this will definitely ease some of the financial stress that comes with moving from one city to another.

In the end, choose what is best for you so that on day one you are prepared to focus on the job.

Aggie Aviso