Over time, style and tastes change. One minute, you’re sleeping in a room of pale pink blush walls and tiny flower stencils around the border of the room. The next, you’re itching to put up the posters of your favourite bands and pink is like, SO yesterday. When you are changing from adolescent to fully-fledged adult, you can feel a little bit of pressure to have your bedroom reflect the person that you are now rather than the person that you were who was into powder pink and doll houses. Redoing the bedroom is a fun project, one that takes a lot of work – depending on the amount of money that you have to spend to do it, of course!

So, when you want to redecorate, where you do you start? Well, the first thing that you need is a budget. You can change the entire look of your bedroom with a couple of hundred dollars, or you can go truly extravagant with a few thousand. Shopping around hardware and DIY stores for the right colours of paint for the walls and the woodwork and heading to mattress stores for an upgraded bed are just the beginning. You also need to consider heading to get new flooring laid and possibly getting a new closet built it. It’s all going to depend on the budget that you have. The next thing that you need to give yourself is time. You need to be able to carve out a week or so in your diary so that you can spend time overhauling your bedroom, gutting it out, sorting the clutter and getting help in to paint the walls.

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If you are planning a full renovation, then you need to coordinate with others who live in the same house so that you are dealing with as little disruption as possible. When you start to clear the clutter in your room and go through your stuff, don’t just trash it. Look at what can be sold on. Even if you sell things for a few dollars, you can put those new dollars toward bedroom upgrades. If the armchair that you’ve had in your bedroom forever is falling apart, consider upholstering it again instead of throwing it out and buying a new one. You can upcycle so many items of furniture, including wooden items that can be remade and recovered.

When you’ve got all the items that you want for your room, think about moving the furniture around. Where can you re-organise things and make them fit better? Ask yourself how you can fit things into the space that you have to make them make sense. Have a look into the principles of Feng Shui and figure out whether you can make your bedroom the most zen place in the house. Once you’ve done that, you can step back and look at your handiwork, proud in everything you’ve managed to achieve for your sleep space. Your bedroom should be a space of calm and comfort – it is now!

Aggie Aviso