Getting up in the morning is easier for some people than for others. If you are more of a night owl than an early bird, you are probably used to rolling your eyes whenever anyone tells you how easy they find it to wake up in the morning and simply get on with their day. For you, that getup and go attitude may simply escape you – at least at 7 am, that is! After all, snuggling down in your cosy bed for another five minutes seems pretty reasonable, right? Well, sure it does… until that five minute turns into 45 minutes, and you have unknowingly slept through three alarms. Typically panic ensues after this, as you frantically rush to get ready for work or college, and you leave the house stressed out before the day has even begun. Even the most committed night owls would probably admit that they wouldn’t mind feeling a little bit more ‘together’ in the mornings, so they are not rushing around quite so much. Implementing a morning routine is all based on habit, so it’s not something that is simply going to happen overnight. But there are steps you can take to creating a more positive morning routine that you will enjoy.

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Go back to basics…

… with an actual alarm clock. The vast majority of us now use our smartphones to wake us up with the alarm setting, so the concept of an alarm clock has somewhat died out in recent years. However, if you want to wake up and stay awake in the mornings, you may want to think about throwing it back with a real alarm clock. Why? Well, they sound more annoying, for a start! Plus, as they are battery powered you can place them anywhere in your room. Purposely place yours across the opposite side of your bedroom to where to sleep, so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Make showering a pleasant experience

Taking a shower is a sure fire way to wake us up and help us to feel energised – but getting in the shower when you’re half asleep is another story entirely. Make it a more tempting proposal by taking measures to keep your towels warm with our electric heated towel rails. No one likes getting out of the shower to be faced with the chilly run back to the bedroom. So, you’ll be much happier to take a shower in the first place if you know you have a warm towel waiting for you when you get out.

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Think outside the breakfast box

A scary amount of us skip breakfast regularly, if not every day. This means that by 10 or 11 am, those hunger pangs have started to kick in and you are struggling to focus at work. Rectify this by making yourself a ‘breakfast person’, even if you don’t think you are ever hungry in the mornings. If traditional breakfast food like toast and cereal isn’t your thing, don’t force yourself to eat it. Instead, do some research on some more innovative breakfast options, so you actually look forward to eating your first meal of the day.


Aggie Aviso