I believe I am all set for Project Life for the whole year.

These is a shipment from Amazon:
Makes my heart sing. Im all set for the year!

I know most of you are really itching to ask whether or not I am “caught up” with Project Life.
Catching up on #projectlife. Doing my bday page.#projectlife

I am done with Week 9 but we are now on Week 14 so I am 5 weeks behind. I have to be honest, this makes me really nervous. I have week 10 and 11 on my mind and have a general feel on how I want them to look like but the past two weeks were a blur that I am sure that I will be STRUGGLING with weeks 12 and 13.

But I will get caught up – after Easter.
I am committed to share my progress in my blog.
Stay tuned for that!

Aggie Aviso