When I was catching up on my Project Life pages a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a trend: I was taking less pictures and the pictures I end up taking almost usually are posed shots – and I don’t want that to be a major part of our albums. I also have friends who have told me after I do a rally about keeping up with our Project Life albums in our own chat group that they are running out of photo ideas to take.

And that’s pretty normal.

We are past half of the year and believe me, some things do get old, especially if you take pictures of the same things (and people, even if they are your kids!).

What we need is a new perspective and new ideas.

It is so easy to say, “Take pictures of the everyday” but in truth, everyday is too broad even for the most seasoned scrapbookers.

Change your perspective.

Position yourself twenty years from now. Ask yourself, “What do I want to remember?” and when you have your answers, take photos of it (or them!). It’s so easy to say, “take pictures of the everyday” but in truth, everyday is too broad even for the most seasoned scrapbookers. I have been scrapbooking for almost ten years and I hit a very deep rut the past two years and I was just drawing a blank on things I want to document.

Life also gets busy, so it helps to be aware.

When you’re working outside the home or have the same routine, day in and day out, I completely understand when it feels like your life isn’t that exciting to document. And I’ve been there. I don’t have cute kids anymore – they are 15 and 9. They pretty much have their own space in the house, have their own friends and I basically work all day, even from home. It’s a far cry from when my youngest was 3 and I had such golden treasures for pictures amounting to thousands per month.

I knew I needed to be aware. So I told myself to take note of things – the way the sun seeps in our living room at 6AM, and the glow is just really energizing and homey, the presence or absence of working out or incorporating exercise into my daily life. I want to capture that. So I did. I want to take note of how my son, at 15, spends his free time reading all day. I want to capture that. So I took a picture of him reading, the books he is reading and the mess of his bed. So I did

Like all things, I realize it takes effort.

When I was rounding up June’s Project Life pages, I shamefully realized I only had at least 40 pictures throughout the month and most of them were Martha’s first day at school photos and Father’s Day pictures. Where did the month ago? So I took photos of the kids’ rooms – what they were into right now, and made that into a page.


I also had a couple of posed pictures of them and instead of just taking them into a weekend spread, I did a “things I love about you right now.”


Cooking is not a usual chore for me, so when I do cook something up, you bet it deserves a whole page in our albums (we are so into Korean dishes these days – the kids love the taste even if it’s mostly veggies)


And lastly, I focused on rituals – what we do on a weekend, almost every Sunday – go to mass, eat out, watch TV series. It’s really mundane and I have to admit sometimes I feel it’s over the top – but hey, rituals change season after season. I just looked at our Project Life pages last year and we weren’t doing this!

Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. As part of the Digital Creative Team for 2015, I will be sharing my process on doing Project Life. I don’t blog in detail, but share snippets of how I work and document memories through my Instagram. You can also sign up for my newsletter.

Aggie Aviso