Birthdays are a big deal for my family. We don’t necessarily throw big parties but we make sure to celebrate them. With my eldest, I made a book of birthdays for his first 10 birthday celebrations while with my youngest, I do an album per year until her 7th birthday. (She will also get a book of birthdays when she turns 10)

When I started doing Project Life in 2011, I wanted to include part of their birthdays into the spreads that focus on their current state, not necessarily the celebration. And of course, all birthdays (us four) are documented so I get to document my husband and I too! (win-win!)

Birthday Pages

I am sharing my own birthday spreads to encourage you to document yourself too! If at all, it’s a great way to take shameless selfies for you to use on your pages (most of my pictures are taken by an iPhone).


This is a page I did when I turned 33 (last year). It was my first birthday without my Dad so I was digging the black ensemble at the same time a mantra I kept repeating myself throughout the year was to be brave. The Fearless themed cards was perfect for this. My shirt was personally designed and printed by my husband who operates a small T-shirt printing business called the MB Project. (Trenta-tres is 33 in Spanish)


This page was recent – I turned 34 last February and for some reason I am totally leaning towards navy and blue and all shades of grey lately. I used the Desktop edition kit here. Shirt printed with my birthyear 1981 (I was going for a more handwritten print like Taylor Swift’s 1989 album cover but my husband made this ahead of me) care of MB Project.

The Questions

For the questions, I rounded up some that I think were relevant to us adults (I give an entirely different set for my kids). I will probably do a more “current” or “time stamp” question next year. You might want to use these questions for your pages as well:

  • Favorite Food
  • Food I Hate
  • Snack I Could Live On
  • Favorite Sport
  • Favorite TV Show
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Band
  • Coolest Person on Earth
  • Best Subject in School
  • Thing I Do Most Awesomely
  • Last Book I Read
  • Favorite Season of the Year
  • 3 Words that Describe Me
  • Best Friends
  • If could go anywhere in the world….
  • I wanted to be a…. Now I want to be….
  • What are you most strict about with your kids?

How do you incorporate birthday pages in your Project Life albums?

I’d love to know! Hit me up in the comments and share what you do, I’d love to get more tips!

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