I have been thinking a lot about Becky Higgins’ Project Life kit. I have been wanting to get one ever since it came out, but was hesitant on how to go through with it for a year.

But all the videos and tutorials coming out with all the ideas one can do with the kit is making me think twice, especially since I have two kids in school and I want a way for it to be a work-in-progress album. I want to have layouts, stand alone pictures, their certificates in one place. Can I do it? Especially now that the schoolyear is almost every and I want to find a way to help me store everything else.

What makes the Project Life kit better than last year is that there are now picture sleeves and there are album sleeves with different sizes. I am totally loving how Ali Edwards incorporates BIG pictures into her Project Life.

There are more varieties too:

Maybe I need to think about this more 🙂

Aggie Aviso