cultivate a good life by Becky Higgins

This may very well be my last post for 2011 in this blog. As I am writing this, it’s almost 5AM and I am the only one awake – trying to finish work since we have a wedding to attend to and we go to the salon in exactly 3 hours. Not what I had hoped to be a last post – a crammed version of what I originally want to write about.

I want to write about my chosen One Little Word – Catalyst, and how getting Becky Higgin’s Project Life kit is tied up with that. Since 2008, I can say I have given up a couple of things all for my love of my family, sometimes to the point of forgetting myself in the process. I absolutely have no regrets as my very easy “sacrifices” turn out to be our biggest blessings and have give us so much joy in the process.

Last year, I wanted ME to be the focus of my One Little Word as I turned 30 but it turned and evolved into MARRIAGE and FAMILY. This year I have grown to have such a deeper appreciation for my husband and our marriage. I have realized we cannot reach our true potential if we are not in sync since we are literally UNITED AS ONE. We cannot soar without having each other’s backs and fly together. He is truly my better half – a better half version of me, and I hope he knows and feels as much as I do when we look back to 2011 and what it has done to our marriage. It’s quite fitting as we celebrate the seven-year itch in 2012! 🙂

How does it all tie with Project Life? I have been having a feeling inside of me since October that technology is a two-edged sword. I work, I earn money from the internet (I do not need to apply for Beverage/Sommelier Jobs which will take me out of the house) and enjoy working from home but it has taken such a HUGE amount of time from me. Something’s gotta give. I wont’ give up scrapbooking. Im just channelling it away from my computer and spending endless hours making a PAGE about a single memory.

I’d still do digital – no way I can ever leave that. I’d still be a creative team member for Sweet Shoppe Designs and Nettio Designs. But this year, I have been unsatisified with my pages, thinking it is not capturing OUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. So I will be focusing on photo-sleeve scrapbooking in 2012 – literally, photos + words. Keeping it simple. Involving my family in the process. I will discuss it more when I set up our little corner (finding that corner in our insanely small house is the biggest hurdle) and share what I have done and what I plan to do.

And as Robin of SSD always says, Keep Making Memories — Scrap More.
(Sometimes finding that balance between scrapping vs making memories is hard, but hopefully with Project Life it will be easier!)

Aggie Aviso