I tried doing it last year, and just lasted until January 22, I think.It was just too much for me, and I actually just put my heart half-heartedly to the project. There were days that I never even bothered to think about the picture I wanted. What I realized was I just didn’t set up a system that worked for me. I had grand plans at the start of the year, only to fall short.

So I am giving it a try again. Actually, I didn’t want to publicly announce it up until I completed at least the month of January but realized maybe announcing it will help me stay committed.

Here are some things I will do with Project 365:

  • I will just go with photos + words. No scrapping them. Really. It is still scrapping, right? (Photos + Words = Memories Kept and Preserved) I plan to compile them all into a book like Janet Phillips did with her 2008 P365.
  • Sharing with different galleries will be weighing me down and taking most of my time. I have decided to upload all P365 pictures at my Flickr gallery. What I like about Flickr is I can upload my hi-res files there, serve as a back-up, put the story in the description field and even link it to publish into a chosen blog. There are days I will blog about, days when I won’t. It will be public. Maybe if I get more feedback about Blurb I will try it out. I can print my pictures there directly to Blurb I think.
  • Edit. Delete. Edit. Delete. This year I want to banish my OC-ness and get rid of multiple pictures that have the same pose. Really. Promise. Trimming them down will help me scrap more.
Aggie Aviso