If you’re hoping to go to university, you may be weighing up your options. You may have a shortlist of universities at home, or you might be thinking about travelling overseas to study. Although moving abroad may seem scary, there are numerous advantages to discovering a new culture, learning different languages and taking on a new challenge. You may also find that studying abroad could save you a huge amount of money.

This infographic compares the cost of studying in the UK to other European countries, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy. If you’ve been looking at tuition fees in the UK and Ireland, charges at European universities will be music to your ears. In Germany and Austria, there are no fees at all, while students in Italy, France, Belgium and Spain pay less than €1,500 per year. In stark contrast, UK students can expect to pay annual fees of up to €11,500. Financial support is also available for most students studying in Europe, a privilege that is not granted to EU students undertaking programmes at UK universities.

It’s not just tuition fees that tip the balance in favour of studying overseas. Rent and accommodation costs are significantly lower in cities like Rome, Madrid and Brussels compared to London, and it’s also cheaper to get from A to B. A student in Brussels can expect to pay just €7.50 per month on transport compared to £65 in London. Although London boasts an impressive array of free activities and attractions, there’s plenty to see and do in other European capitals, and you’ll have more money left over to get out and about.

Infographic Created By spotahome

Aggie Aviso