If you want to start a business, you’ll probably consider doing so from home. Let’s get real; few entrepreneurs jump straight into commercial spaces. In this internet age, some never do. There are a great many businesses which now operate from home offices, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless, of course, you struggle to create a home office which suits your needs. In that instance, you’ll struggle ever to feel happy or achieve a work balance which pleases you.

That’s no surprise when you consider the amount of time you’ll be spending in this space. If your efforts get off the ground, you’ll be in that home office for upwards of eight or nine hours a day. So, you could say that getting things right here is essential to your success. Which is why it’s worth thinking twice before squeezing that desk in an unused corner of your living room.

Instead, you should seek somewhere in your house which is sure to see you doing your best work. Instead of jumping into this, then, you should take your time. Before even buying a desk, make sure that you choose the perfect office space by considering the following.

Let’s talk light

Let’s not beat around the bush; lighting matters in any office. It’s one of the main reasons that so many commercial spaces have wall-length windows. On an obvious level, you need light to see what you’re doing. The last thing you want to do is misspell a client name or number because you couldn’t quite see what you were writing. On a deeper level, though, light impacts our mental states. A lack of natural light can lead to generally low mood levels and even a struggle to concentrate. Your first consideration, then, should be whether your chosen office space offers the light you need. In an ideal world, you want somewhere with a substantial window to keep that light streaming. South-facing offices are also perfect because they receive the most sunlight. Even if you don’t have anywhere with a large window, a small basement or garage window is better than nothing. Whatever you do, avoid setting up in a space which receives no natural light at all. If you make that mistake, you’ll soon drive yourself stir crazy and leave yourself unable to work. And, that’s no way to make a go of your business. Make sure it doesn’t happen by letting that light shine on everything you do here.

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Are you getting privacy?

Privacy is also well worth considering when choosing an office space at home. If you’re going to be working here, you can’t risk your family interrupting you every half an hour. You wouldn’t get anything done! Hence why it’s worth considering a separate space which offers you privacy. As tempting as it is to set up your office in your spare room, it could be a fatal mistake. Instead, you would be best off seeking private spaces which are separate from the rest of your house. Basements are fantastic for this purpose, as are garage spaces. If possible, even incorporating an office shed could do the trick. These offer a bit of distance which ensures no one interrupts your workflow during the day. This added distance also helps to ensure your personal life doesn’t affect your work. If your office is right in the heart of your home, you’re more liable to stay there until all hours. If it’s separate like this, you can leave at the end of the working day and not think about going back until the morning. Sometimes, that’s the only way to achieve the much-spoken about work/life balance.

Will your electricals be safe?

If you do decide to take your office out of the house in this way, it’s next worth asking yourself whether your electricals will be safe. A home office tends to have a whole load of expensive equipment, after all. On a fundamental level, you need to make sure that it’s well secure. If you have a garden shed, you need to put proper plans in place to avoid theft. The same rules apply if you set up an office in your garage. You may want to install security systems and video surveillance to avert disasters. You may also want to protect your electricals from a technical standpoint. Issues like damp, for example, can destroy mechanics if you aren’t careful. Hence why you need to make sure you insulate a space like these. If you’re setting up in a basement office, you may even want to waterproof your basement before taking your computer anywhere near the space. Waterproofing leaky garages is never a bad idea, either. Fail to do this, and you could lose both your ability to work and any files you’ve saved. And, that alone could undo your home business in no time at all. So, always think security. If you aren’t sure you could secure a space, it’s clearly not the right one.

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Have you even got enough space?

Speaking of space, your last consideration should be whether you’ll have enough of it. We often make the mistake of thinking we can fit our desks into the smallest spaces. That may well serve those who rarely use their computers, but it won’t serve your work purposes. If you shove your desk into a box room with barely enough space to breathe, you’ll soon suffer for it. Before you know, you’ll start to experience cabin fever. You may also find that an office like this provides you with no room to grow. And, growth is the name of the game when you start a business. You may also find that you suffer from a health standpoint in a room like this. Any office worker should know that they need to do regular desk exercise, or at least stretch their legs. You’ll never be able to do that if your office is the size of a shoebox. So, think big, in both business and office space.

Aggie Aviso