Being selected as a maid of honor is a very privileged honor, and one of your key responsibilities will be to ensure that she has the best bachelorette party ever. It can be a big job, especially if there are lots of people being invited, but with the right planning you can be sure of doing a good job and throw your bride-to-be the best bachelorette ever.

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Sorting the guest list

The guest list will be one of the most important parts of throwing a good bachelorette, and even though you may think you know exactly who the bride will want there, there may some people you forget such as in-laws, work colleagues and old friends from school/camp/college you may not know. The best thing to do is just ask her. While the guest list won’t be a surprise, you can make sure that everything else is knowing that she has everyone she wants around her.

Set a budget

Setting a budget will let you know exactly what is possible for the bachelorette and will help you make decisions about how far you can go, what activities should be involved and what extras you can include for the bride-to-be. Have a discussion with the other bridesmaids or friends about what they think is reasonable and would be happy to pay for, and you can take it from there. Give guests enough notice to be able to pay over time so that it’s not one huge expense in one go.

Make it fun from the minute you leave

While you want to allow for some spontaneity, you’ll also want to make sure that all of the key plans are in place to keep the fun going, which should begin from when you set off. A popular idea is to hire a party bus (read more about party bus rental at Bergen Limo to see what it’s about) to drive you around or to the airport, where you can enjoy champagne and music and really get into the party spirit.

Think about the little touches

As the maid of honor, you should know your bride-to-be inside out, and will, therefore, know what her favorite things are and what she likes to be able to plan the best bachelorette ever. If she loves a particular band or singer, has a taste for a certain decade or even a favourite movie or TV show, these are all great ideas you can use to create a theme for the bachelorette and make it more personal for her. You’ll find many great ways to make the bachelorette party memorable to give her a night or a weekend she won’t forget. You’ll need to do your research, but it will be wonderful to see the look on her face.

There are some great tips for bachelorette party planning that you can take from birthday planning blogs posts and others to help you find cool and creative ways to make it the perfect send-off for your bride-to-be. Bachelorettes should be fun, silly and all about the bride and with a maid of honor like you at her side, she’s in for a good time.

Aggie Aviso