Working from home is fantastic. It gives you the flexibility to earn money around other commitments and responsibilities, save money on commuting and for some it can be a brilliant way to start their own business without having to face the expense of hiring an office space or warehouse. But, not all of us are lucky enough to have space for a specific home office. Instead, we’re forced to find ways to fit our office into another room.


It can be tempting to add a workspace to your bedroom. However, this isn’t always the best idea. It seems to be on the surface. You don’t spend much of your awake time in your bedroom, it’s out the way, and an excellent place to keep your work private. But, working in your bedroom means you no longer have a private space to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Working in your bedroom can lead to stress and poor sleep patterns.

A better idea is adding an office to your living room or lounge. Here’s how to do it.

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Create Zones

The lounge is one of those rooms that has to fulfil lots of different needs. You may eat in there, play with the kids, watch TV at the end of a long day, read, relax, and now, work. The best way to make sure you can get the most out of what might be quite a small space is to create zones. Have a toy corner, a comfy sofa in front of the TV and a reading nook.

Keep it Tidy

Look at TV stands, bookshelves, side tables and other forms of storage, so you’ve got plenty of space to keep things neat and tidy. You should also consider smart storage ideas, like drawers under your sofa, hooks over doors, and wall mounted shelving high up the walls to utilise your space.

It can be tough to focus on work if you are surrounded by mess and clutter. So, try to make sure your lounge is easy to tidy by keeping it well organised and sticking to a housework schedule.

Look at Slimline Desks

Desks don’t need to be huge. If you are short on space, look at slimline options, just big enough to hold a laptop and files. You could even use a bureau so you can fold it away when you are done. Then, add shelves above so you’ve got office storage.

Use Furniture to Divide the Room

Large pieces of furniture like your sofa and bookshelves can easily be used to separate your office from the rest of the room. Who said shelves needed to be against a wall? Use them to create a partition instead.

Utilise Hidden Space

If you’ve got a built-in closet or an under stairs area that is currently a waste of space, empty it out, take the doors off and build your desk and shelving into it. This is a great way of making the most of the space you have already got.

Creating a cool home office can give you a great space to work, without interfering with the rest of your home.

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