It’s never too late to try a new career. If you’re approaching retirement and want one last chance to try something new, or even if you’ve passed retirement but hate the feeling of having nothing to fill your days and no purpose to your life, then an encore career could be exactly what you need. More people than ever are choosing to try a different career towards the end of their working life. Often when you are no longer tied down by the burdens and financial worries of youth, you can focus on what you truly want for yourself. Most people go on to thoroughly enjoy their encore career, finding it brings something new to their lives.

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Social Work

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Social work is an incredible job to take on in later life. It often appeals to older people as it allows them to use their life experience to help others. Social workers work with a huge range of different sections of the public. They help people with addiction issues, veterans, children, those with disabilities, the homeless and many more besides. Social work is often a career that appeals to those with a compassionate nature, who look to take meaning and joy from the feeling of helping others. It’s a challenging job and you may need further study in the form of an online msw program to get started, but it’s ultimately gratifying and perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend the last years of their career bored behind a desk.


Teaching can be an excellent career and is another job where your life experience could be enormously valuable. You can teach at any level, from preschool right up to post-grad. But, in any capacity, you’re not just passing on information, you are helping to shape the future of society.


If you’ve had a career that you loved and that you were good at, and fancy a change without leaving it behind altogether, consulting could be the answer. You’ll have learnt a lot over your career, and have both the knowledge and experience to help others avoid making mistakes. New start-ups are often keen to hire a consultant to help them perfect their business and avoid the pitfalls that could see it fail before it even begins.


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Freelancing is an excellent option if you want to keep earning money and using your mind, but don’t want to be tied down to a rota or structured job. If you have a particular skill such as writing, graphic design or photography, check out freelancing websites to get started.


Blogging is a brilliant way to make a little extra money and learn some new skills. Even hobby bloggers can earn an income, but if you take it seriously and are willing to commit time and effort, you could do very well. Why not blog about your retirement?

Whatever it is you want to do, learning new skills and meeting new people isn’t just fun and a great way of giving something back. It can also help to keep you healthy by making sure you still get some exercise and don’t fall into isolation, which is a common problem post retirement. Having a job could even help you to live for longer.

Aggie Aviso