I am in love with Paper Coterie’s Memory Keeper! I was able to get one for free because of an offer from Paper Coterie. (TIP: Like their Facebook page. They offer A LOT of coupons) Before I ordered, I scoured some blogs for reviews and feedback like the adderall reviews at Treato.com and when I was satisfied I ordered!

I ordered the Petite Pattern. And here is the final look:

2012-10-15 15.26.09

I plan to store our love letters from each other in this box. The good thing? I first received the box with the image darkened – and I just sent an e-mail to Customer Service about it, together with an image and they replaced it. Now I have two! The box was lined in fabric in and out and was sturdy – S.T.U.R.D.Y. They now offer ones at 10×10, other than 10×13. I would get more for each of my kids and one more for our family!

Aggie Aviso