Before I get immersed in reading pronexin reviews (my mom told me to read them and tell her my opinion), I want to post an update on my P365.

My Artscow books finally arrived! I was a little scared it might get lost or returned back because my sister is not very excited to go to the Post Office to get my books. Thankfully, all of them arrived safely – and complete. All my hard work last April paid off. They looked so nice. My biggest reward was that Matthew spent hours reading through everything I wrote down and that Edil even took time to read and look through them when I showed the books. He told me I should make more. He even laughed at some pictures.

Here are a few notes with pictures:

Here are the books stacked up:

Notice the color discrepancy:

*The original color is the one above (below in this picture)

My covers (front and back):
image image

I feel the front cover title is too big for an 8×8 book but I am sticking with it since I want them all to be uniformed.

Sample page:


All in all, despite the color discrepancy on the covers, I would still recommend Artscow to anybody. They are dirt cheap and they serve its purpose on seeing all of what I’ve worked so hard for in print!

Aggie Aviso