It’s too soon to tell, but I am writing this on the 14th day of January and I am still on track with P365 (Hurray!). It is easier for me I think this time because I didn’t overthink things and make it complicated. I am sure you are so overwhelmed with the number of P365 kits, templates, word arts and brushes in digi-land these days. I am too. But one thing I do whenever I tend to entertain something complicated like scrapping them every week (I am sorry I think that won’t work with me – my photos are too different and I would not want them to be sharing spotlight with other POTDs. I also need to be honest that scrapping them every week might be such a drag for me Id end up stopping the project altogether.). It is very much like when I am reading about appetite suppressant reviews – I get bored immediately.

For now, I have developed somewhat of a system in making P365 work.

  • I import pictures, delete, choose the POTD and edit them once a week. In the ideal world, that should be every Sunday.
  • I upload them to my Flickr gallery. Journalling goes in there too.
  • For now, I haven’t decided on what format or what I will do with them. Many scrappers are raving about Blurb (most of those who completed the P365 last year printed their books there) so let us see.
Aggie Aviso