If you are looking for a new avenue to explore with your career this year, one idea which can be super exciting would be to open up your own garden centre. If you are sick of being stuck in an office all year long, a garden centre is a wonderful chance for you to enjoy fresh air and bright colours all day long. Here are some of the top tips for opening your own garden centre this year.

Choose a good location

As you will know if you are a dab hand in the garden, different plants need different conditions to grow strong and healthy. This means that when you choose a location for your garden centre it is important to consider if you have conditions for a few different types of plant. For example some plants such as snake plants love the shade, whereas flowers like marigolds love the sun. Having a location with a bit of shade and a bit do sun is great because you can grow a wider range of plants.

Start strong

Starting your own garden centre from scratch will be a challenge and it is unlikely that you’ll be able to supply all of the plants yourself in the first year. As you start to sow and germinate plants ready for this year and next year, you can also buy some plants from a supplier to help you get started.

Get learning

Plants can be fickle things and every different flower you grow will need a different type and level of care. If you want to make sure that your garden centre is healthy and strong you’ll need to get learning and see how plants react to different food and temperatures. Over time the experience will come and you’ll know how to read the signs of sickness in plants.

Display animals

One of the features which a lot of people have in their garden is a pond, and you can capitalize on this idea by selling fish yourself. Koi carp and goldfish etc are popular to keep in the garden and you can look after these animals in your own water tanks outside. Make sure to install Grundfos CR pumps to keep the water clean and then you can feed and grow your fish and sell them to anyone who wants a new pet or two.

Encourage nature

A garden centre is a lot different to most shops and when you want to make an impression with your customers you will want to ensure your garden centre feels like a living garden. A great sign that plants are healthy and you are looking after the space is the presence of bees and birds. Make sure you have a bird feeder or two and a table in the garden centre for birds to visit, and be sure to get some bee friendly plants to attract them through the summer. Just the sight of wildlife will make people want to buy plants from you.

Aggie Aviso