Last year, eventhough I didn’t publicly state it, my word for 2012 was CHANGE. I wanted it to be a year of change for me. And while I wasn’t an active agent for CHANGE to start with ME, the year sure CHANGED me. 2012 provided me with so much life-enriching lessons and life-changing experiences that I am forever changed – for the better. I regret that I didn’t actively change, a change that is visible and tangible and measurable but like all transformations, change – the real, lasting one – takes time. And I thank 2012 for the change it brought to my life, and for letting me desire to change for the better.

This year I wanted to choose an action word because instead of the year giving me my one little word, I want ME to be the DOER of my one little word. And I chose the word “DO”.

One Little Word 2013

I want this to be a year of action, of doing, of achieving. This Yoda quote really got to me – DO or DO NOT. There is no try. Last year I have this quote on my planner and e-mail signature – “Every accomplishment begins with the decision to TRY.” I am now through with the trying, with the planning, with the dreaming.

One Little Word 2013: DO

Because in doing, I can finally be.

One Little Word 2013: DO

What’s your one little word?


If you want to know more about how it came to be and how it can help you, you can read all about it here.

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I will share more on what I do with my chosen word throughout the year. It will surely change me.

Aggie Aviso