After doing Project Life for two years (hybrid, weekly), I decided to switch to my first love, digital for 2014.

Two reasons:
1. This would allow me to get caught up with my album backlog/goals.
2. This is just easier for me in my phase of life right now.

I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t finish my past Project Life albums. In 2012, I was shy of  4 weeks (FOUR! Can you believe it? I’m still trying to psyche myself into finishing) and in 2013, I stopped in March following some personal challenges in April towards the end of the year. I do not know if I will finish it. Chances are I will, sooner or later (I always finish even if it takes yeeeeeeeears). For now, I really really really just want to get back to creating and preserving my stories again. I have been slacking.

The Plan for 2014.

I will do Project Life digital and in monthly form.

Some of the features of my monthly memory keeping plan are:
Around Here.
Right Now (the kids’ edition)
Weekends with Mato

I might be going all-graphic/less artsy with my method this year. I just want a comprehensive book by December of this year.

Some Projects I also will do:


This is Becky Higgins’ famous line. This is why I plan my projects on what outcome I want. And right now, I want tangible photobooks.

1. 4 People 12 Times. I’ve been doing this since 2012 and have loved it. Just take a monthly family picture every month – easier than it looks for most of us. I will incorporate this in our Project Life album.

2. P52. A portrait of my kids together (and apart) once a week for 52 weeks. Reason: I have a son who lives in the dorm 5 days a week during the schoolyear. Things like these, which I took for granted when they were living under the same roof, are precious to me now.

What I will do about this P52: Every week, I take notes about what they do. Just them. And sometimes I write a letter – nothing long. MAYBE I can print them separately a book for a gift? But I’m doing this so I can have a tangible form of my message to my kids – not what they read in our Project Life albums.

3. Project Love Me. A selfie every week. And Im not talking about just my face. Anna Aspnes did this and I love how and what she captured. I plan to have this as an ugly photo book by the end of the year.

I have paper supplies which I plan to use on my pictures pre-digital era. I have a couple of 12×12 albums on their way and I plan to work on MY pictures (childhood) and the kids’ first year albums. I have finished Mato’s, so Martha’s will be next. Mato’s school album files are organized – just waiting on the album to arrive so I can slip and slip – Again, what worked for me was just to use, literally – photos and JUST the cards. No embellishments, no tinkering with Photoshop. I don’t really care for my writing, as long as it’s written, it’s done.

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