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Moving into your first home is an exciting thing to do. It’s the first place that belongs to you, even if you do have to repay your lender before it’s truly yours. When everything is finalized, and you can move into your new home, it can feel like there are a lot of things to do. You might be unsure about what you should do first, which tasks are most important, and what order you should do everything in. You won’t have to do everything on the first day, but there are various things that you can benefit from doing as soon as possible.

Connect Utilities

The first thing you will need when you move into your new home is running water and energy, as well as other utilities. You will need to let the relevant companies and authorities know that you have moved in and ensure your name will be on the bills. If it’s an option, you might also want to consider switching suppliers to get a better deal. At this point, an internet connection is an essential utility too. So don’t forget to set it up, along with TV and possibly phone lines. It can take a while for everything to be connected.

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Check for Any Repairs

Hopefully, you have made yourself aware of any major repairs before completing the purchase of the property. However, once you have moved in, there might still be various small repairs that need to be carried out. It’s a good idea to go around the house and make a note of anything that might need to be repaired. At the same time, you can consider anything that you might want to change, whether it’s installing a new light fixture or completely redecorating a room. Prioritize your list of things to do so that the most important things are done first.

Make Your Home Secure

One of the first things that many people do when they move into a new home is to replace the locks. By replacing the locks, you can ensure no one who has lived in the property before will have a key that they can use to get in. There are other ways to make your home more secure too. Home security systems can include alarms, security cameras, security automation, and more. You could also consider replacing windows and external doors if you think that the current ones aren’t secure enough.

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Give Everything a Place

Unpacking can take you a long time, but you can get started on organizing your home as soon as possible. Before you start unpacking boxes, you can decide where your furniture is going to go. It’s worth spending some time deciding where to put a bookcase before you start filling it with books. You can think about how to organize everything and the best layout for all of your furniture. Getting it right now will help you start to turn your new house into a home.

When you’ve moved into your new home, it can take a while to really get settled. But once you’ve started on your list of things to do, you can quickly start to feel at home.

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