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Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak, is one of the worst. It’s easy to understand why you might. Bad night’s sleep. A to-do list longer than the Magna Carta. It’s raining outside. Whatever the reason, though, it doesn’t change the fact that waking up and instantly wanting to hide under the covers is one of the worst. It’s the most horribly efficient way to ruin our day because, from the very moment our eyes creep open and let the light in, we are harbouring negative thoughts.

Luckily, our thoughts control our emotions, and that means it is totally possible to wake up happy. It means you have the power to start your day on a positive note and let that note ring right through the day. All it takes is a few tweaks here and there and, voila, you’ll kickstart your every morning with more pop and fizz that a can of shaken Fanta.

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It All Starts The Night Before

In order to wake up refreshed and happy, you need to grant yourself a rejuvenating night’s sleep. After all, you can’t wake up all bubbly if you tossed and turned all night. Don’t worry, though, it is the little things that make a big difference here. The first thing you need to do is treat yourself; treat yourself to a mattress and pillow that is truly dreamy and, if you don’t know where to start, we suggest you find out here: http://www.sleepjunkie.org/find-your-best-mattress-the-top-10-and-worst-10-beds/. The next little weak you can make is having a regular bedtime. Our bodies run like clockwork, and they love routine, so have a bedtime and stick with it. Just leave bad habits at the top of the stairs, things like looking at your phone in bed, or watching TV; all that sort of stuff. Read a book instead, or listen to a podcast or even an audiobook. Just no screens. Happiness doesn’t come from a screen.

Become As Unsocial (Media) As Possible

This is where most people really need to look at their routines because way too many people wake up and reach for their phones, as if they may have missed something utterly crucial on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t. In fact, have a no phones in your bedroom policy and get yourself an alarm clock instead. Your mornings will just become so much more relaxed and peaceful and happy, we promise. Our minds just aren’t made to absorb a constant waterfall of information; they need some quiet time, some you time. Give it a few days and you’ll feel so much better for it.

Three Thoughts To Enjoy

We barely get any alone time these days. Life has just gotten so loud and fast and full. That’s why your mornings are your best chance to enjoy a little touch of silence and a few nice thoughts. So when first light first starts flooding into your gorgeous boudoir, these are the three things you should think about before being hit by the day:

  1. Think about your dreams. Dreams are the best. Analyse them, reimagine them, let them play once again, whatever; they will make you feel happier.
  2. Think about what makes you happy. It is the most simple of mathematical equations; happy thoughts make happy emotions and that equals a happy you.
  3. Think about everything you are grateful for. That’s right. Gratitude is the most effective way of breaking any negative thought process that may be bringing you down and keeping you there. They could be small things you are grateful for, or they could be huge, either way, you need to recognise them and be grateful.

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Breakfast Should Be Nutritious And Delicious

The longer you can stay away from your phone – or at least social media – the better, so why not distract yourself by making an Instagram-worthy breakfast without sharing it with anyone but you. Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit and muesli. Poached eggs on a toast with avocado. Pancakes with blueberries and honey. You are what you eat, and this is the eat that will put a serious spring in your step from the moment you step out the kitchen. So pop on your favourite Spotify playlist and have a little dance while you cook up a tasty little breakfast, or have an interesting podcast tickling away in the background. Whatever will lift your spirits while you get cooking.

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Skip The Coffee For Now

This may have made you sweat a little because, as a hardcore coffee addict, you can’t operate without this little drug first thing in the morning. But coffee has been known to boost people’s anxiety levels. Yeah, not a great way to start the day. So why not switch it out, or at least wait until your mid-morning break before getting your fix. Swap it out for a green smoothie, or a nice tall glass of lemon water that has been sat brewing in the fridge overnight. If you absolutely have to go hot, well, Rooibos tea is a great coffee substitute that has zero caffeine naturally. Hello, happy mornings. To get the absolute most, why not stop and smell the roses at the same time. Yes, literally stop and smell the roses. Take your coffee – and a chair from the kitchen outside – into your garden and let the morning air fill your lungs. We let the little things pass us by too often, so stop for a second and enjoy what you have.

Start Right With A Shower

Some people swear by this, others would rather shower at night to enjoy a few extra minutes in bed in the morning. If you fall into the latter camp then you may want to reconsider because hopping into the shower first thing in the morning has a way of gently shocking our systems. It gets our circulation going, it revitalises and refreshes and makes us smile like a toddler getting tickled. You could even get a portable speaker and have sing-a-long to get you really pumped up and happy about the day, just look at this list of best speakers at https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/hi-fi/best-portable-speakers. If you really can’t bear the idea of less time in bed then at least have a good old face scrubbing session in the sink, finishing off with a dazzling splash of cold water.

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