These are my monthly covers for my monthly P365 album. It’s a good thing I was introduced to the concept of doing something every month for 2010 and while others thought of scrapping their movie nights and other stuff, I kept my goal simple – to capture a family picture of us every month. It should be easy, I know. But I missed two months last year when we didn’t have a family picture – and we are together almost everyday. Now that we only see other most parts of the weekends, it makes me more conscious to make every second count. Isn’t that such a bittersweet lesson to realize?

So, trust me, get into those pictures. Hand it over to someone else. Take one each month. Your kids will be glad you did.


Getting into this project made me realize that I can continue to scrap for as long as I can – even if I am not part of any creative teams and cannot spend much time on the computer. And I don’t need to buy so many digital kits that I probably would need credit card debt settlement. I just need to still take photos + put my words in them. So many people love to take photos, but fail to put the story behind them. It doesnt really matter if you feel your words arent enough. You dont need to share them with anybody else except your kids and family. And any of your written stories matter to your kids. It will matter to your family’s history. Get those in paper!!

Aggie Aviso