I have been meaning to do this since last year. I had this impossible dream of being able to complete it right smack in the middle of the craziness of the holiday season. So when 2011 came, though I was itching to get 2010 done, I moved on. When, and IF, I have the time, I can work on the past year, but for now, I need to get over my need “to get caught up” and just focus on 2011.

So here comes 2011:


I am keeping it simple, AGAIN. Mostly pictures + words. I still have to figure out a way to incorporate my Insta.gram monthly pictures as they are what our everyday life is all about. But I am done with January and February – thanks to the monthly round-ups I did in my personal blog.



You can see that I have incorporated my Four People Twelve Times project in the Month in Review too. I love how effortlessly that happens sometimes.

I have been thinking about the way I scrap, and the things I “want” to document. Sure, everyday life is on top of my list. But with the ease of taking pictures using the iPhone lately, I have found that I have been taking pictures from our everyday life using it more than the camera itself. I know this will shift some of my scrapping priorities (again, leaning heavily towards words+photos), but I am so grateful for technology. In the event that I won’t be able to “scrap” as much, I still have ways to document life.

Aggie Aviso