This is what I am aiming to finish and complete this month – Cathy Zielske’s Me, the Abridged Version album. I have signed up for this class the time she offered it at Big Picture Classes but never even got to working on it. Last night, I printed her brainstorming PDF and wrote down things that interest/define/describe/I love/hate about me. You can read how the album works and see an example on her post in her blog.

What I am working on right now.

That is how my list looked like after about an hour of listing things down. Things/persons/events that define me, on impulse, are listed down first (of course) – E-Edil, my husband, M-my kids, Matthew and Martha, G- Gong Yoo (well, this is going to be MY album) and so many more.

This is the reason I have not fully committed to one of my creative projects just yet.I want to make sure I finish this on time. I have made so many albums about our family ever since I started scrapbooking – why don’t I have one album solely dedicated to ME? Isn’t ME just as important? I have come to realized the importance of documenting whoever is documenting the family’s memories a long time ago – it’s just now that I am actually doing something about it.

I hope that when you read this, you take time to consider documenting about you RIGHT NOW, what makes YOU you, at whatever state you are in, even if you would want whatever you document to be more perfect. Well, waiting for perfect wouldn’t happen in a long time, perhaps never. We are beautiful and IMPORTANT to our family’s memories just as we are right now.

Aggie Aviso