Many people spend a lot of their money and income on their homes. Be that the actual buying side of things, the mortgage or rent payment, or simply furnishing and decorating to our tastes. After all, after a hard day’s work, there is nothing nicer than coming home to a beautiful home that makes you feel proud and at ease. However, many people are in the constant process of decorating and changing things in their home.

It got me thinking about the some of the ways we can design one of the crucial areas of our homes, the living space. This may be a separate room entirely or just part of an open plan feature, but there is that one spot in your home that we retire to. We may watch TV there, read a book or simply catch up with family, partners or roommates. It’s nice to be in an area that not only relaxes but inspires you. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the best ways you can make your living area an inspiring place to be and relax in.


Think about the colors

One of the first things we need to consider is the color choice for this room or area. As it tends to be a place to entertain or relax in, the best idea would be to stick with something calm. However, it is your home so if you choose to go for something bright and crazy. Make sure it is a color that you like, often having something calming on the walls means that you can save the bright and colorful notions for other things like accessories or furniture. Try and consider a color palette rather than just the one color, this will help you when it comes to furnishing your living space and for when you add those finishing touches.

What about the walls?

After you have decided on a paint color, the next thing would be to consider what to add to the walls. A great place to start would be to consider what inspires you in daily life. For some, that might be their family or their friends. So you may want to consider adding a few photographs to your wall. Some people would go as far as creating a montage and turning those photographs into a bit of a feature. Using different photo frames. Thankfully, there is a lot of ideas about how to create things like this on websites like Pinterest.

Other things to consider would be inspirational or motivational quotes. There are some mantras that we have personally to live by, so why not display them with pride on a print on the wall? Quotes can often be daily reminders on thinking positive or your next step, so it would certainly help to add some inspiration to your living area. Another idea to consider would be something like a vision board. This serves as a daily reminder of all the things you want out of life, and as you are being reminded of it daily, you are putting it out there for the world to here. You can read more about vision boards and the law of attraction online.


Let’s talk about the furniture for a second

What you have in your living area can make a huge difference to how you use the room. If you have comfortable chairs and sofas, then you will be more inclined to relax there. The same can be said for furniture offering storage. If the living area is clutter free, then you are more likely able to relax your mind and focus on other aspects. However, you may also want to make your furniture choices unique to you and the decoration of your room, so looking online can present some amazing options for your to consider. Websites can host offers from Plum Goose or similar just by doing a little research. Besides, it’s nice to have something a little different in your home.


Make more use of natural light

Natural light into any room can make such a huge difference. It can not only make a room or space feel much larger, but it can also have a positive effect on your mood and the way you feel. It can certainly help you to feel alert and awake. However, don’t be afraid to dress those windows with curtains or blinds, that way when it is time to relax you can lower the lighting. Naturally, this helps your mind and body start to wind down for bedtime. This is where you may want to add some lovely candles to your living area, that can certainly inspire the mood for relaxation.

Dressing the room is important

Just as you would add things to your walls, you also need to consider how you dress and style your living space. Using the colors that inspire you and also ensuring you have things that evoke emotions and memories for you. This is when another great use of photographs in frames can help add to your decor. Placing them on tops of furniture or even on shelves can help to add the finishing touches to your living area.

Other things to consider would be cushions and blankets to entice you to relax in the environment. You can get some great quirky prints and patterns that they could certainly be the element that adds a touch of your personality to your living space.


Final details, the floor

Flooring can really set the tone for a room. A carpet can make a space feel cozy and warm, whereas wooden flooring can have that modern edge to it. But with either of these two options, you can still make a real statement out for your flooring by adding a feature rug. This could be brightly colored, patterned or something more unusual and exotic looking. There are plenty of options to consider, but it could be the finishing touch your living space needs.

I hope these tips help you create an inspiring and relaxing living area in your home.

Aggie Aviso