Heading to a housewarming party sometime this summer? Perhaps your dear friend has finally found their dream home to start a family. Or, maybe your parents are moving into their retirement cottage, ready to settle down. If so, you need to make sure that you bring a housewarming gift. This is somewhat of a tradition, and it’s important that you bring the right gift for their home. There are plenty of options here, but we have noted a few of our favorites here.

Champagne All Around

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Perhaps the first option would be to bring around a bottle of bubbly because a house warming is certainly a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with glasses of champagne. So pick up a bottle and head over. You might want to bring some glasses too if they’ve just moved in. Otherwise, you might have to drink out of whatever they have available, and this can be a little awkward. Of course, you can always be a little more humorous and purchase a massive wine glass as a housewarming gift. Lighthearted and fun, this is sure to go down a treat as the perfect new addition to their glass collection, even if it doesn’t fit in the cupboard.

A Coat Rack

If you want to buy a piece of furniture for the new home, you might want to think about purchasing a coat rack. While it might seem like coat racks are a little old fashioned these days, nothing says you’re home more than hanging up your jacket and hat after a long day. As such, you can get a modern coat rack or one that is a tad more traditional. It all depends on the preferences of the family that you’re buying it for. If you know their tastes, you should be comfortable buying this type of gift.


Plants are a traditional housewarming gift because it brings new life and beauty into the home. Of course, while you might want to purchase a plant, the type of plant doesn’t need to be particularly traditional. Instead, it can be a tad more tropical with Alii Hawaiian tropical flowers. These beautiful bouquets will look picture perfect as the centerpiece in the front room of any home.

Or, you can go for something a little bigger. There are beautiful, large tropical plants that will be perfect for adding a little life into a new conservatory. We’re sure whoever the new homeowners are, they will certainly love this.


Or alternatively, you can go a tad more typical and practical. Whenever someone buys a new home, they need to kit it out with different items and things like crockery. You can make this easier for them by buying a set as a housewarming gifts. A collection of plates or dishes really will go down a treat, and whether they are new next door neighbors or old friends, it’s sure to earn you a dinner invite.

We hope this helps when you are choosing the right housewarming gift for a new home.

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