Music is the most powerful and popular art form in the world. Just about everyone has the desire to play a musical instrument at some point in their life. Playing music can be very rewarding process whether you are a world class professional musician or just a hobbyist. Like many other art forms, you can get whatever you want out of music depending on what you put into it. Many people are too intimidated to learn for a couple of different reasons. If any of these following reasons are preventing you from learning you should reconsider and take up the hobby today.

1. Stage Fright – Many people would benefit greatly from taking lessons, but they have stage fright so severe that they are even afraid to play in front of one person in a private lesson. Just remember, no matter how bad that you think you are, your teacher has heard worse from other students. Every teacher just wants a student that is committed to learning and sincere in their efforts to learn how to play an instrument. This is true no matter what their skill level may be.

2. Intimidated – A lot of people are scared to play music because they have a friend or know a musician who is absolutely incredible. They can’t imagine themselves ever getting good enough to play for them. There is something is important to remember in instances like these. The most important thing to consider is that every musician starts somewhere. Everyone was a beginner at some point. You have to take the first step in order to get any journey.

3. Don’t know where to start – The prospect of learning music can be a daunting task for someone who has no experience in it. Many people don’t know what their first step should be. There are a ton of different resources out there to help anyone get started on their quest to become the musician that they want to be. C.R. Carole is a company with some great resources including music workbooks for teaching.

These are some common reasons that people may not venture into the world of learning music. One of these may be the reasons that you are avoiding becoming a musician yourself. Not everyone is meant to be Mozart, but you can still have fun playing music. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact a local private teacher in your area or get some books online for some advice.

Aggie Aviso