Turning your blog into something special can be tough. We’ve talked before about how to get viewers to your site, and how to get heard amongst the many other blogs out there. It’s a friendly industry, but it’s also a hugely competitive one. With millions of blogs out there, it can be unbelievably hard getting enough viewers to turn your blog into a money-making business or even a successful hobby.

As we approach vacation season, you may start to think about getting away for a while. But, what are you going to do about your blog while you are away from home? If you are an established blogger, taking a few weeks off to truly relax and leave everything behind is fine. Your viewers will keep coming, and your old posts will keep performing well in search engine results. But, if you are a newer blogger, who is still fighting every day to get people reading your content, a few weeks off can make a massive difference to your stats and can mean that you miss out on opportunities. Here’s a look at some fantastic ways to keep your blog going, and growing, while you travel.


Include Your Travels

Traveling is exciting. Even if your content has never been travel related before, your readers are bound to want to find out about what you are doing. You could review the hotel that you are staying in, talk about local attractions and what you are getting up to. You could interview locals and other tourists, and review restaurants. You could also try to cook some local meals, or even contact local brands and businesses about working together. If you are staying somewhere like AC Hotel Guadalajara, you’ll have all the facilities that you need to work on the go but if you’d rather take a proper break, just take some photos and notes to write proper posts when you get back.

Have Fun with Social Media

Taking a proper break is a great idea, but you are bound to have a lot to talk about. So, use it as a chance to work on your social media profiles. Post short videos detailing your adventures on Instagram and Facebook, remembering to have a geotag. This is a great chance to let your audience to see you in a different light and to teach them a little more about your destination and accommodation.


Whether you plan on doing the minimum while you are away or want to carry on posting, as usual, scheduling tools are your friend. Schedule blog posts to go out while you are away, as well as social media posts and emails. This way no matter what happens, you’ll readers will get something from you.

Guest Posts

Bloggers are often keen to guest post on other blogs. It’s a fantastic way to reach a new audience and to increase your blog’s domain authority. So, ask other bloggers in your niche if they want to guest post while you are away. You could even approach people to take over your insta-stories for a day.

Aggie Aviso