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Summer is here for many and with that comes the blazing sunshine. While no one should really complain about the good weather, and ensure they get out and enjoy it as much as possible, being in your home at night or having to stay in and work can be torture at times. Your home can heat up quite quickly, and if you are not careful, end up feeling warmer than it is to be outside. I thought I would share with you some of the easy tips to help you keep your home cool during the summer months ahead.

Make sure you air your home at the coolest points in the day

First thing in the morning and last thing at night the temperature often drops. This seems to be just before sunrise and after the sunsets. This is the perfect time to open up the windows in your home and create a consistent air stream. The cooler air will flood your home and allow it to feel refreshed. Helping you to obtain a better night’s sleep. It can also prepare your home and significantly lower the temperature to avoid it overheating during the day.

Close curtains and blinds to ensure the sun can’t shine through

Sun and windows are a match not particularly made in heaven if you are looking to keep your home cool. We are all aware that sun blazing through a window can really heat up a room quickly. AVoid this from happening by shutting blinds and curtains. This can help to keep a room far cooler throughout the day. A good tip is to do this in rooms you may be using at night like a living room or a bedroom.

Make sure you have a working air conditioning unit

Air conditioning, if you have it, can be a huge blessing to a home, especially in the summer. BUt it is only good if it is in working order. It may be worth scheduling a service with a local company. You can find details of what might be involved on websites like Zipfair.com. Once you have it up and running the aircon system will help to keep a regulated temperature in your home. Keeping you nice and cool while indoors.

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Turn off your appliances

We are all guilty of having a huge amount of appliances and technology in our homes, thanks to the ever advancing rates in which technology is enhanced. But that means things like computers, tablets, TV’s are all radiating heat into your home. Switch them all off to ensure that you keep your home cool.

Ditch the use of the oven

Who wants to eat a home cooked meal on a warm day? Which is why summer presents the perfect opportunity to ditch the oven and eat all of the salad. The oven being on can also radiate heat into your home. Websites like goodhousekeeping.com have a great selection to inspire you.

Insulate your home

Finally, we often associate insulation with keeping our homes warm, but actually, it can help to keep the heat out in the summer as well.

I hope these tips help you to keep your home cool in the summer months.

Aggie Aviso