Even though they are an important part in any property, they are very often overlooked when it comes to good maintenance and upkeep. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about windows. After all, when was the last time you paid any attention to yours? I bet that it hasn’t been for quite some time. But imagine how uncomfortable you would be if your windows were damaged in any way or even if they weren’t there at all! So, even though you might find it all too easy to forget about your mirrors, it is necessary to ensure they are always in a good condition.

Do you think you should start paying a bit more attention to your home’s windows? If so, then read on. Here are some fantastic tips that will help you keep all your windows as good as new.

Find a Reliable Local Window Firm

First of all, it’s a good idea to find out who is the best window firm in your local area. Even if you don’t need to use their services right now, it’s a good idea to find out who is the most reputable and reliable just in case you ever need to use them. This should be a firm that offers replacement windows in the event that one of yours is ever smashed or badly damaged. It’s also a good idea to find a window firm that sells double glazing. The technology used in double-glazed windows is constantly being updated, and it is now advises that double-glazed windows are replaced every ten to fifteen years.


Learn How To Correctly Clean Them

Next, it’s a good idea to learn how to clean windows correctly. Ideally, it’s a good idea to hire a window cleaner to take care of all the exterior windows so that you don’t have to balance on top of a ladder with a bucket of soapy water to try and clean the ones on the top floor of your house! But it’s important that you know how to clean all your inside windows. I’m sure you will already know that it can be a lot more difficult than what it looks – glass can easily smear and you could easily make your windows look a lot dirtier than what they were! There is one simple trick you need to know, though – you just need to wash them with diluted white vinegar and some scrunched up newspaper. It’s an effortless way to clean them without leaving any smears behind!

Keep A Close Eye On Them

You need to start paying close attention to your windows. That’s the only way you will know if they need any maintenance carrying out on them. In fact, most window experts suggest that homeowners inspect their windows once a year, ideally at the end of winter when they might have taken quite a battering. The main thing you need to look out for is moisture. This is a sign that the seal is starting to fail and needs to be replaced. It’s also important to look for any cracks or holes that are developing around the window. These can easily be filled with a sealant.


Know When To Repaint Them

Don’t forget that you will need to repaint your windows on a regular basis as well. Generally speaking, this needs to be carried out every four to five years, but you might need to do so more often than that if they have been exposed to any particularly bad weather. The paint will protect the wood around the windows and will ensure it lasts for longer. Don’t forget to clean the wood well before you apply a layer of paint – this will prevent the paint from peeling. You will need to use a suitable wood paint and, ideally, one that is waterproof when dry.


Seal Them Whenever Necessary

Windows can be a cause of drafts. You don’t have to put up with any drafts from yours, though, as you just need to seal them carefully to prevent air from outside flowing through them. If you think that the rubber seals around the glass are starting to wear out, you can easily replace them. If you don’t feel too confident to do this yourself, you can always hire a window company to come and take care of this for you.

As you can see, looking after your property’s windows shouldn’t be too much hard work. And doing all the small jobs and tasks mentioned above can bring you a lot of great benefits!

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