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There are certain things that you can do to, in and around your house in order to keep your bills under wraps. As we go into the different seasons, there may be more of an emphasis on different bills in order to keep you in relative comfort. For example, gas may be used more in winter to keep you warm, whereas your water bill may feel a spike in the summer to try and keep you cool and your garden watered. Whichever payment you have been worrying about, it may be worth investing in something within your house to help you bring the costs down. While it can see you set back initially, it is a productive investment that will be worth it in the long run – both for your peace of mind and your pocket.


Renew Your Windows


Have you ever considered just how much heat you are losing out of your windows? Poorly fitted windows, those that are old, and even single-glazed windows which may be relatively new are all sources for heat to escape from – and quickly. Using a service such as Renewal by Andersen Windows is something that could help you to retain what you are losing. There is so much money that is wasted on heating homes, just for it not to be utilised in the correct way; think of  how warm your home will be if you weren’t to have winds blowing in from outside, as well as your warmth from the inside.


Get A Water Butt


How much water are you realistically splashing all over your garden when it gets warm? Chances are, if you’re a keen gardener, quite a lot. There is so much water to be saved by getting a water butt and keeping hold of the rainfall. The best thing about this is that it’s completely free, and you’re not putting treated water (better put to use for drinking or washing in) over your garden that you are paying for. You can also get treatments for rainwater to make it drinkable, if you wanted to go a step further on the money-saving schemes. Although not all people would go this far along in the process, it’s still a good way to keep your garden watered and looking great without affecting your pocket or the environment around you. Think of how much you will be saving on your bills by doing this, and just how good you are being in terms of your carbon footprint and saving water for what it needs to be used for in other circumstances.


Get A Smart Thermostat


There is a lot of heating that is being lost by the boiler being switched on at the wrong time. With smart thermostats, they are able to learn when you are in and out of the house, when you need the heating on and when it’s getting cooler. You are even able to operate them from your phone so that you can switch it off when you’re not there if you’ve previously forgotten when leaving the house.

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