I live for them. It is the driving force, the motivating factor, why I decided to pursue scrapbooking. From there it became a strong passion.

I love how effective, educating and touching memory-keeping is when it done with pictures + words. And how creativity can take those two in an entirely different and visually appealing spin. But my focus still remains on making sure I tell my stories.

Sometimes I get stuck but these tips/ideas have helped me tremendously:
Ali Edwards Everyday Journaling Prompts
Do a Dear ______ post (like this)
I love Jacinda’s list of prompts. She is an inspiring Sugarbabe at SSD and I make sure to continually check out her gallery.
Do a 5-year journal.
Remember you don’t need to share your stories (on the big world wide web). You can do something like what Amy Sorensen does complete with prompts.
Tackle any issue with a list of 100 – I absolutely love this – doing this soon.
Writing Prompts for the Right Brain.
Angie Lucas’ Quiz Time.

Go ahead. Write down your stories.

Aggie Aviso