Some people love working around people. They like to have colleagues to chat to throughout the day and easily make friends with people at work. They might even enjoy being around customers and the public, speaking with different people every day. In these kinds of roles, no two days are the same, and even when you don’t enjoy the work, the friendships that you make mean that the job is worthwhile.

Other people don’t feel the same. They don’t enjoy working around people or being forced to spend their working day around people that they wouldn’t be with, in other circumstances. They prefer their own company, find that they work better alone, and enjoy the peace and quiet of spending time working on their own. Well, fortunately, whichever kind of person that you are, there is bound to be a job out there for you. Here’s a look at some of the best posts for people that prefer to work alone.



Driving jobs fall on both sides. If you love being around different people everyday, driving a cab can be ideal. But, if you prefer to spend long periods out on the road alone, a job driving with knight transportation jobs could be for you. You’ll have people to talk to and a team when you need them, but day to day, you’ll spend hours out on the road alone. This can give you a chance to think and to enjoy being in your own head. You’ll be able to listen to your music or podcasts and enjoy the sites of the open road.


Instead of speaking to people, spend your time chatting with computers as a programmer. You might need to communicate with clients and other programmers from time to time, but this can mostly be done through email and online chat. Face to face meetings and presentations will be minimal. Other jobs in computers that can be done alone include software developer, graphic designer, and web designer or analyst.


Writers spend a lot of their time alone. They can work flexibly, even with deadlines, giving them time to see their friends and family. But, when they are writing, they are alone. You don’t need to be a novelist to write nowadays either. You could write technical manuals, recipes, online content, your own website or a variety of different things.


Janitors often work in places where there are usually filled with people. They keep things clean and tidy and deal with basic repairs. But, usually after all of the other staff and customers have gone home, or before they arrive for the day. If you work for a large company, you might work next to other janitorial staff, but you can easily keep to yourself and focus on getting your personal job list done.



If you prefer plants and nature to people, working as a horticulturist could be for you. Plants are great to look at after all, but they have the advantage of not speaking back or causing trouble.


Aggie Aviso