As we are starting to move into the world that is very much dictated by digital platforms, there is no surprise that a career in website development is becoming more of an option through studying. There is certainly no time like the present to jump into this lucrative career prospect, but is it really seen as a prosperous career choice? I suppose, in some circumstances, there may be some questions in regards to what qualifications and skills you need. Perhaps you are wondering what direction to take. If this sounds like you then make sure you read on to find out some of those answers and maybe some information you haven’t thought of.

One of the main points to highlight is that no day will ever be the same. You are constantly learning as this sort of career dynamic is fast changing. The software you need to become familiar with, the new technology that is released constantly. Which is why it may actually appeal to you anyway, it can often be described as a diverse career choice.


Are there any benefits to this career?

While we may have just observed that it is an ever-changing career option, there are countless benefits to sharing with you for this career choice. The demand is crucially high, as so much more is heading in the direction of an online platform. Whether that is just the website itself, or for a business to solely trade online. It also gives you the benefit of working anywhere in the world. You need the internet, you need your equipment and the technology you use, and you literally can work. It is extremely flexible, which also means it could be a career choice for the future when things may change. You may have a family to consider, or your timings may need to be committed elsewhere.


Do you need specific experience?

Of course, there is always a lot to consider. The technical side of web developments means that you need to be familiar with all kinds of software applications, development opportunities, future changes to development and even current systems. Coding, Internet information service and even using things like w3wp.exe high CPU are all going to be advantageous. This is because not only do you need to be able to develop these sites, but you also need to be fully aware of how to host them and keep them running and responding. Things like website page loading times and even the content are all going to be important factors to think about. You also need to be extremely organised with your time and commitment. Have an ability to focus on projects at each given time. There will be times where you could be a web developer and be totally freelance, meaning that your income could be changing on a month by month basis as you gain projects and also work on them.


Is it lucrative?

At first, you may find that the career options are limited, as more people are using this sort of career as an option. You may find that if you are freelancing that you are pitching for jobs against other more experienced web developers. This means you may need to spend time in creating your own portfolio. However, it can be a great move, especially if you find yourself landing long term contracts. So much more is heading on to the internet. Businesses are using this as a chance to showcase their businesses to more clients and customers are finding themselves using the internet for purchases and research.

What you can do to help yourself?

It can be difficult to wonder whether there is anything personally you need to do. Being a website developer may mean that you assume it is all about what you know, and staying ahead of future changes and technology advances. But there are other things to consider personally that really could advance your chances of becoming a successful website developer. Working on your organisational skills is one thing. You may need to work on several projects at one time or report back on all sorts of systems in regards to ensuring that the websites are running successfully. It’s important to ensure that you gain as much experience as possible. This will be paramount to securing future projects and contracts. It may mean that you work for less money, or even gain voluntary experience. Planning skills are also key to a big successful career as a website developer.

Is it a prosperous career? I think so.  

Aggie Aviso