Let me tell you in a secret – I have been severely lacking in the camera skills department lately. Whereas before I would always be lugging a camera, a dSLR at that, in tow, these days I have my LX3 in my bag all the time but there are times it would not even be taken out of my bag. I’d take pictures with my iPhone. iPhoneography has been making headlines lately and it has helped me capture everyday life with so much intrusion on my part and the subject I am shooting.

Instagr.am is an app I’ve been enjoying. I get to apply filters to my photos and share them with friends, like Flickr. I can also sync it together with Twitter and Flickr accounts too. Aside from Hipstamatic and Lomo, this app is one of my favorites!

Taylormade Designs Taylored Template 9
Camera from Dani Mogstad Retrospect, Alpha and “Love” WordArt from I Like Love You
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