When it comes to raising children, you have to take everything into consideration. If you’re a good parent, not only do you look after the physical needs of the child, but help stimulate the mental development of them as well. This is different for each family. Some might play Mozart to the child while it’s developing in the womb. Some people try and encourage their children to pick up instrument lessons from a young age, to help stimulate their creativity and positive forms of artistic expressions.

No matter what sort of family you are, or what disciplines you’d like your child to do well in, the emphasis should be placed on fun and encourage positive habits. Still, there are ways to help your child promote positive mental development, and this list is here to help show them to you.

Applied a few times a week, your child could become the next great artist or head of office as a result. So long as you’re not too much of a ‘pushy parent,’ there’s no harm in allowing your child to believe they can become anything they’d want in life!


Helping your child to learn how to read outside of school will help them gain an advanced step forward in their literary skill. This is a very important skill to develop because they will be writing and reading various forms of information their whole lives. Helping them develop a great grammatical structure and perfect spelling might be a little too ambitious for now, and even most adults struggle with this. However, helping them read age-appropriate books and encouraging them to do so will help improve their focus, their willingness to learn about the world and their abilities to communicate and imagine. This will, in turn, bolster their potential for creativity, which will help them through innumerable situations in their life to come.

To help them understand the majesty of stories if they’re not happy with reading, consider reading them stories before bed. It will only be the most stubborn child who is able to resist the feeling of wonder when a good story is told to them before they rest their eyes for the evening.

Interactive Play

An interesting new form of art that’s emerging is PlayArt. Suitable for both children and adults, PlayArt fuses the relationship between objects to play with and artistic forms of expression. Allowing your child to grapple with some of these creations, taken from the minds of the most interesting sculpture and aesthetic artists of today, will allow them to form better mental spatial relationships. They’ll be able to experiment with form and material, and stimulate their logical reasons trying to figure out how to operate, or more accurately ‘play’ with these pieces.

Social Development

It’s true that children who have siblings from a young age are better socialized than children growing up alone. If your child is alone, it might be worth bringing them to a playgroup or other form of gathering where they can meet peers their own age and intuitively learn the rules of social interplay from a young age. It might be tempting to wait until school to allow them to do so, but it’s been proven that pre-schools or similar activity groups can help your children feel more comfortable in their surroundings, and lessen the initial shock of the schooling routine.

In summary, if you take a reasoned and varied approach to your child’s development, you can be sure to have some benefit on their initial growth. As a parent of a child in the early stages of life, that and their wellbeing are all you can hope for.

Aggie Aviso