Everyone has heard the old conundrum, “If the tree falls in the forest, will it make a sound?” Of course, it makes a vibration which, if there is a receiver, would translate into sound. However, those vibrations are just that, movement without sound if there is nothing to “hear” them. The same could be said of your blog. If you can’t get anyone to your site, how can you expect to be heard?

What Is the Ultimate Purpose of Your Blog?

There are some blogs which are just that, blogs. They are simply a place where anyone can express themselves. Perhaps they are there to inform students, or perhaps they are there to share a passion for some greater good. Blogs have all kinds of ultimate purposes, but most often, blogs are there to bring traffic into a site to monetize it. Whether you are trying to sell something or perhaps just bring traffic in to see adverts you have posted there, each time a visitor clicks through, you have an opportunity to get paid. Without going into the various types of clicks, the point is made. If you are trying to run any kind of eCommerce site, you need traffic – plain and simple. But unfortunately, that is just the beginning.

Turn Those Vibrations into a Loud Bang

There is both an art and a science involved in driving visitors to your site and one of the most effective ways of doing it is with a link building service. Here, you will post articles on other sites with links back to your site. This works in two distinct ways, both of which are vital to your success.

1. Increased Traffic Ranks You Higher in the SERPs

The first thing you will notice is that Google will start to rank your site higher if you get traffic there. You will be ranked even higher than that if you keep them there without bouncing off again. For this you will need well written, engaging and informative content. As you bring traffic to your site and get them to look around a bit, your pages will rank higher and higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Now you can be more easily found if anyone searches for those keywords your link building service used to get you to the first page of the SERPs.

2. A Chance to Convert

The second thing those links do for you when driving visitors to your site is to give you a chance at converting them. Until they buy something, they are just a visitor. However, with well written content aimed at conversions, you have a chance to turn every visitor into a paying customer. This is only possible if you can get them there in the first place.

Now you understand that a blog must make a noise, and a big one! The only way anyone can hear what you have to say is by getting them there. Once you have them there through backlinks, you have every opportunity to convert them. That’s the kind of noise you want your blog to make.

What good is a vibration if it does nothing but rattle? Unless someone is in the forest, your blog won’t be heard. Effective link building will get them there; now it’s your turn to speak!

Aggie Aviso

Aggie Aviso describes herself as her family’s storyteller and memory keeper. A mom to two kids ages 14 and 8, she is certainly past the age of sleepless nights and adorable pigtails. However, motherhood stays exciting, more meaningful and yes, more challenging. She takes it all in stride, knowing fully well that moments pass by in a blink of an eye. As Gretchen Rubin famously said, “The days are long, but the years are short.” She has discovered how wonderful it is to have those fleeting moments in time documented in their family books and has made it her personal mission and passion to be able to tell their stories for her future grandkids. You can read more about her here.. Subscribe to blog updates and the occasional letter here.