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It can be hard to do these days, given your busy schedule. But you can plan personal life around work with some scheduling tips and using the available apps and software. 

Allocate Time Slots for the Unexpected

If you know one thing when you have a family or personal life, it’s that things go wrong, usually without much notice. So you need to plan for these events, especially if your job itself is unpredictable. If you don’t slot in some time for personal injury, parenting issues, or even waiting for an emergency plumber when your pipes decide to burst, you will never be able to free yourself. And this means family life suffers, and you will always work late to deal with issues.

Use Cloud-Based Calendars

Cloud-based calendars are excellent for keeping track of just about anything. Because they are always available, the chances of missing something are significantly reduced. You can also sync popular calendar apps with each other for even greater flexibility. You can also use apps like Outlook Calendar to create a separate schedule for work and personal life. And finally, a unique feature of cloud calendars is you can also share a calendar and schedule between a group. That means you can include your child’s education tours, your family’s medical appointments, fun days out, and so much more – as well as your business deadlines – to ensure everyone’s always on the same page. 

Plan Personal Life Around Work with Priorities

In both your personal life and work life, you have priorities. And sometimes they are extremely important with consequences for missing them. This could mean being fired or disciplined at work. Or risking an unhappy home and personal issues with your partner, children, or friends. So, it helps to organize your tasks by importance and work your schedule around them. Good time management skills, by the hour or day, will help you keep a working list in order of priority.

Set Reminders in Your Apps

A useful feature of modern apps, if you use them, is that you can set reminders. Pretty much every modern scheduling and calendar app can do this. A reminder can be sent in the form of a pop-up as it does in Windows 11. But you can also have reminders sent to your email. In many apps, you can also set a time for when you will be reminded of something. For example, you can be reminded of a team meeting an hour before it is due to commence at your office.

Integrate Work and Personal Planners

There are many features of modern planner apps. But one of the most useful is inter-app integration. Some of the most widely used planner apps such as Trello, Windows Calendar, and Friday, offer ways to work with each other. For example, if you schedule a Zoom meeting in Outlook, it will be added directly to your Windows Calendar. This is useful for both work and personal life, such as when traveling for your job and needing to reach your family or boss.


Home and jobs can be hectic these days. But you can plan for unexpected events, prioritize your home and job schedule, and integrate any apps you use to plan personal life around work.

Aggie Aviso