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Getting your home office into a workable state is essential. When you get rid of all the clutter, it makes you feel much more comfortable and allows you to better focus on all your household admin. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways you can organize your home office and set it apart from all the other rooms in your home. After following these tips, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can get done!

  • Dedicate One Wall To Cabinets

It might sound a little extreme, but unless you’re a minimalist, you’ll need to dedicate at least one entire wall to cabinets. This feature allows you to store all of the things that you need in your rooms and keep them out of the way. Cabinets dramatically improve your organization levels and let you store more things in the office, instead of having to keep them elsewhere. 

You’ll want to go for a mixture of cabinets and shelving, depending on what you plan to keep in the room. You can also create larger shelf spaces for things like plastic tubs where you can keep extra stationery if you need it. 

Don’t Forget To Add Some Inspiration

When you’re hard at work in your home office, it also helps to have a little inspiration close to you. You want something that’s going to get you in the mood to work hard so that you can finish up whatever you’re doing quickly and enjoy the rest of your day. 

For instance, perhaps you’re working at the computer because you want to create a better financial life for your family so you can do things, like go on vacation. If so, then you might want to put up some sunny framed pictures of beautiful overseas destinations to remind you what it is all about. 

You can also include subtle forms of inspiration too. Maybe you’ll put up a picture of your family or, perhaps, of a person or historical figure that you respect and admire. 

Make It As Beautiful As You Can

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Home offices need to be beautiful to encourage you to spend time in them. If they look dry and clinical, you’ll do everything that you can to get away from them as early as you possibly can. 

Making your home office beautiful requires paying it as much attention as your dining room or bedroom. Give it a theme and, if possible, don’t just whitewash all the walls. That’ll make it feel too much like going to work. 

If you look at home offices in grand mansions, you’ll always find that they really go to town with design. They put up wood paneling on the wall, add a chandelier to the ceiling, and have crown molding. All of this is designed to give you a sense of power and efficacy while you’re toiling away. It changes your mental state, making the home office more functional. 

Make Your Computer Run Smoothly

There’s nothing worse than designing the perfect home office, only to sit down in front of a computer that runs slowly. You want something that’s punchy and responds to what you’re doing. 

Generally speaking, the best option is a desktop. These have the space to house hardware that won’t throttle or stall every time you put it under load. 

You can also try using some of the techniques described by https://setapp.com/how-to/compress-video-on-mac to speed up your equipment and reduce file size. This way, you can more easily export your work, even if you have a slow internet connection. 

Double-check that you have an antivirus subscription so that you can keep your computer running smoothly. Malware will slow it down over time and be a security risk. 

Set Up Your Computer Station Ergonomics

You also want to make sure that you set up your computer station’s ergonomics in a way that suits you. Prioritize this first, then focus on design. Ideally, you want a proper office chair: something that allows you to swivel and adjust the height and lean. 

You also want a desk that’s at the right height for your hands on the keyboard. If you’re having to bend your wrists back, you’ll soon become uncomfortable. 

Use Paper Holders

Paper holders come in handy and are a real workhorse of the home office. They’re particularly useful for people who work with paper on rotation. It’s a way of hiding various papers that might be lingering around your office that you need, but don’t necessarily want to look at the whole time. 

When kitting out your office with these, steer clear of cheap plastic versions. Instead, go for metallic options that look great and will fit into the theme of the rest of your room. 

Come Up With A Bin Organizing System

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Home offices typically require a large number of bins for storing various objects, depending on what you use your office for. If you can, try to come up with some sort of system to arrange everything. Putting stuff into boxes makes it easy to keep all your trinkets under control. You can make your bin system look attractive by arranging it on shelves, similar to how you might place baskets in the kitchen. 

Make More Use Of Cubbies

Cubbies are among the cheapest and most affordable ways to store odds and ends in your home office. And they’re extremely stylish too. 

Place compatible basket drawers along the bottom row and then fill the other spaces with objects that are important for the room. It could be vases, jewelry, books or even plaques related to your work, according to https://www.organizedmom.net/7-steps-to-organize-your-home-office/

Make Your Wall Calendar Attractive

Most home offices have a calendar on the wall but, generally speaking, it’s not particularly attractive. In fact, very little effort goes into it at all. 

Instead of just putting up any old calendar with a pin, choose something with a quality design. Brands are now making customizable and reusable magnetic brass calendars that allow you to pin various activities to them and then remove them when you’re done.