Running a business is no easy feat. You’re always up against the competition, and some industries can be cutthroat. So that’s why you want to present your office space in the best way so that it stands out to anyone and everyone who see it. Here are a few ways you can make your own office space shine.

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The Reception

The reception area of your office is where everyone comes in and therefore it’s essentially the face of your brand. Therefore, this should be an area to focus your attention on. Make sure your staff are well presented, whether you’re in a creative or corporate industry. Think about the office furniture and how it can fit into the theme of your brand. Consider what magazines or newspapers you put on your coffee tables, for guests to read. Perhaps it’s an artful living magazine in Minneapolis or a gossip magazines. Whatever it is, it needs to reflect your company in the right manner.

Installing a coffee machine may seem simple, but it’s also a really effective way of having guests to your office feel at home.

Natural Light

Natural light can improve the appearance of any space, so if you have available to you, then make sure you use it. If you have big windows, try and move any furniture away from blocking it and use lighter materials for your blinds so that it still lets daylight in. If you struggle for natural light, some lights imitate natural light and are worth getting.

Light, in general, is very important as it does affect our mood. For good work productivity and happy staff, go with warm lights instead of the clinical fluorescent ones.

Create Open Spaces

Open spaces do wonders for the office environment. It means your staff can have more social and collaborative opportunities and it gives the appearance that your office is actually larger than it is. It’s important though to also have separate office spaces for those who might not appreciate the increased noise levels. Your office should also have the opportunity of a conference room, as these are great for bringing any events or networking opportunities to your office.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color And Art

What transforms a boring office into a vibrant one is down to the color and artwork you use within the office. Pick colors and artwork that are relevant to the brand and don’t be afraid to go a little wild with your choices. Colors can also have an effect on our minds too so try and avoid any that will make guests or staff feeling negative towards the space.

Artwork on your walls gives the office personality and a talking point for you and your clients.

When it comes to your space, you want to have the same drive and passion that you put into your business, put into the office.  Focus on these tips, so that you can transform your office into something that will stand out and have your clients remember you.

Aggie Aviso