If you want to add a certain funk to your living room but aren’t quite sure how – think colour. It is all about the colour, and mix matching. This means you will purposely want things not to go together. The more random – the better. Here are some other ideas you can use to create the style you are looking for.

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Groovy Carpet

Why not go all out with some patterned carpet? Spots, stripes, zigzags – whatever you want, just go for it! Don’t be afraid of it being over the top – it will be. But that’s the whole point! If you decide maybe it’s a little too much for you, drop the pattern and just go for a bold colour instead. When choosing a carpet, be sure you get all the measurements correct otherwise it will not fit properly. If you are unsure, there are many professionals you can call to come and do it for you.

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Unique Lighting

Lights are crucial! You can’t have an awesome looking living room with no lights in it; you won’t be able to see anything. Because of the colourful theme, you are really going to want lights to hit everything perfectly. Quoizel light fixtures have an array of categories depending on the kind of style you are going for, such as flush mount lights, pendant lights, island lights, and chandeliers. Placement matters too! For example, if you decided on a chandelier, you would put it right in the centre, it would look silly if it were in a corner. But if you had pendant lights, maybe you could get three, one in the centre and the other two on either side of the room. So think about where you would want to put them before buying anything.

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Original Furniture

Now because of all the other colour that is going on, you need to choose your furniture wisely. You will either want the furniture to be patterned, with simple, bold colours surrounding, or you will want the craziness everywhere else and the furniture to be just a pop of colour. If you decide on making everything wild – it will be so chaotic that it wouldn’t make sense, it would just look messy. So it’s either one or the other.

The same goes for the shape. It would be best to keep it basic with squared sofas and tables.


Distinctive Art

Think about buying pieces of art, like paintings or ornaments. If you go for paintings, the bigger, the bigger. It will bring an air of power into the room. (Black and white would look really cool since you have colour everywhere else!)

If you decide on getting some ornaments, try and buy ones that have only one colour, and not a lot of detail (if any). It will be even more intriguing that way, and you are bound to have people ask you questions about them whenever they come to your home!

Aggie Aviso