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Joan Collins once famously stated that the secret to a successful marriage is separate bathrooms, and we whilst we hate to admit it, we think she might actually be onto something there. Although the majority of us ‘normal folk’ can’t afford to have two separate bathrooms, as lovely as that might be, we can, however, find clever ways to divide up our bathroom to give off the impression that we at least have our own, separate bathroom space.

So we are here today to offer some simple tips on how to organise your bathroom to create the perfect his and her bathroom.

Double Up

Doubling up, where possible in your bathroom, is one of the best ways you can feel you have your own space and your own area for your bathroom activities. And there is no better double unit in the bathroom than a double sink unit. Double sink vanity units are a fantastic way to create a Mr & Mrs bathroom with separate sinks for cleaning and separate units for cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Check out Unique Vanities for a wide range of gorgeous double sink vanity systems to see which style would best suit your bathroom and the room you have available for a unit like this. If you are a little strapped for space a double sink vanity unit is still possible, as the counter top basins generally take up less space so they are a good option for smaller bathrooms.

These double units will prevent you from tripping over each other in the morning, waiting for your other half to finish brushing his or her teeth teeth and washing their face before you can start with your morning routine. Finding the sink covered in toothpaste, hair and other unsightly marks left by your partner, can cause tension and annoyance, so by having your very own personal sink means you can avoid any niggling morning aggravations.

Then Double Up on The Detail

Doubling up on sinks may also mean that you need to change the mirrors in your bathroom. Double mirrors, or one long mirror where both you and your partner can both see your reflection, is key to creating a really effective double sink unit. You may also want to change the lighting so that you have a really strong overhead light over both sinks, so neither of you are in the dark when getting ready in the morning.

Doubling up also stands for the little details in the morning to avoid the tiffs about ‘where this is’ and ‘who used all of that’ type morning confrontations. Doubling up on dressing gowns means you can both be comfortable and relaxed in the evening and let’s be honest, his and her dressing gown may sound a little cheesy, but we all know that they look adorable.

Our partners razors should also be left well alone and this is a huge pet peeve for men. Finding their razors full of our leg and underarm hair. Not pleasant. So think about the kind of products that should be just for you and that should be just for your partner and keep them separate. If you have any expensive shampoos and creams that you don’t want your partner lathering up with on a daily basis, then again keep them separate and away from his stuff to avoid any confusion.

Doubling up on towel rails is also really important to create a uniform and organised his and her bathroom, so make sure after all the hard work of implementing the above you don’t forget this important detail. Freestanding towel rails do the job if you don’t want to start drilling into the wall or if you’re looking at real luxury consider implementing heated towel rails. These are the ultimate bathroom luxury as there is no better feeling than getting out of the shower on a cold winter morning and getting wrapped up into a warm and toasty towel or dressing gown.

Then doubling up on bathroom mats is a great way to really finish off your double sink vanity area. Opt for two matching rugs in soft textiles that feel great underneath your bare feet.

Go Fifty Fifty

Men can very often feel that women dominate the bathroom as their own domain. If we are honest we have to agree that when looking at the amount of space we take up our things certainly do seem to spill out into more areas that our fellas stuff does. So why not make things a little fairer, and keep your partner happy in the bathroom area, by dividing the space a little more evenly. Keeping your bathroom items nice and neat and organised on one side of the bathroom cabinet will mean that your partner has more space to place his bathroom products, which will create a much more harmonious bathroom environment.

If you, like most of us women, have more products than your guy then why not think about investing in another bathroom cabinet storage unit. Look at the different styles of bathroom cabinets and the amount of room you need to keep all your bathroom bits and bobs tidily tucked away. Investing in an ample bathroom cabinet offers a great space to keep all your bulkier items, such as towels, hair dryers and all your beauty and cleaning products. Creating areas in your bathroom where you can organise all of your bathroom products will make your bathroom seem much more spacious, organised and therefore a more much enjoyable space for you and your partner to spend time in.

Neutral Colour Scheme

Another way to keep both man and wife happy in the bathroom is by choosing a neutral bathroom colour scheme. Whilst your man may dream of a trendy, dark bathroom, whilst you dream of a lively yellow oasis to bathe, meeting somewhere in the middle is definitely recommended. Going for a neutral colour scheme of white, brown, grey or cream in your bathroom means that you have a blank canvass where you can add simple accents of colour in other areas of the room.

Going for a light and neutral colour on the walls will not only make your bathroom look more spacious, than a darker or bolder colour would, but it will also make your bathroom easier to accessorise with decorative objects.

Take The Shower Out of The Bath

Waiting for the shower in the morning or having to wait for your much anticipated evening bath whilst your partner washes after his or her session at the gym can be very frustrating. Therefore avoiding the bath and shower combination unit is a very good way to go. Taking the shower head out of the bath and having a separate shower unit is a top way that you can both go about your routines without having to constantly wait for each other to finish first.

If you don’t have the space for a separate shower unit an alternative option, that is really rather fun is installing a double headed shower head. Double headed shower heads mean that you can both shower at the same time without one of you hogging all the water. Living with spouses comes with a lot of compromise but your shower time doesn’t need to be one of them.

Mirrored bathroom Cabinets

If space is a little tight in your bathroom then mirrored bathroom cabinets are king. They are easily mounted onto walls, which means that they don’t take up any precious floor space. Because they are mirrored they expand the look of space and give an impression that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. And finally, because they also provide extra storage space they help keep your bathroom looking organised and neat and tidy. Having a his and hers mirrored bathroom cabinet is even better. Mounting one mirrored cabinet on your side of the bathroom, next to your sink and mounting one, on his side of the bathroom, next to his or her sink will mean that you both have all your products neatly stored away and within arms reach.

Buying little jars and pots are a fantastic way to keep all your bathroom nic nacs neat and tidy and all in their rightful places. So think of investing in some pretty little pots to put away little bits and bobs like cotton wool pads, razors, makeup and perfume. This way instead of seeing chaos every time you open your wall mounted cabinet you will have everything looking ordered, organised and chic.

Now Add The Little Details

Now that you have done all the hard work, it’s time to have fun and really add the final flair, to your perfect Mr and Mrs bathroom, with lots of lovely little touches and thoughtful detail. Why not think about adding one or two lamps in your bathroom to have it looking really cosy in the early mornings and late evening. Low level accent lighting is a great way to create a soothing mood to any room.

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