There are lots of potential threats to a business. Some of these are criminal in nature, such as break-ins or employee theft, while others are external, such as changing trends and market disruption. Much of business management is about dealing with or reducing the impact of those threats. When it comes to office security, there are a number of areas where you should focus your preventative measures. Any damage caused to your office is potential damage to your business, and if you want to minimize your exposure to security risks, then here’s a list of everything you need to keep more secure.

Alarm Systems

This is the foundation of your office security and should always be the first thing that you put into place. Modern alarm systems from Eurolinksecurity.co.uk can not only act as a preventative measure but in the cases of the worst happening, they can even directly interact with the police in order to reduce your exposure time to burglary or to vandals.

Hiring the right people

Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to your office is going to be your employees. Theft caused by disgruntled or bored workers is one of the leading causes of loss for the office environment. Make sure that you take the time to find the right person to fill a vacancy, and always check both references and credentials before offering a position.

Employee responsibility

As well as making sure that you have the right team, you can strengthen your security by limiting access to sensitive areas of your office. Biometric locks or smart locks that are controlled by a keycard can reduce the risk of opportunistic thieves. They also reduce accidents by preventing inexperienced staff members from accessing delicate server rooms or data collection hubs.

Modern CCTV

Modern security cameras come in a huge range of designs. More robust models are perfect for external security, and even act as a preventative measure that may put off the potential burglar. Internal CCTV can help to ensure that your various office departments are safe and secure from both internal and external threats. You can even get cameras that are linked to your smartphone, meaning that you can check on the security of your office no matter where you are.

Password Protection

Knowing about strong passwords is not just about protecting your customers, although that’s an important area to think about too. Having a strong password system in place will prevent people from accessing your data or your online business profiles. The more that people know you, the more they think that they can guess your password. You might even have shouted it across the office during a particularly busy period. Make sure that you change your password regularly and pick them wisely.

Prepare a Response Plan

If you find that you have either been the victim of a burglary or you suspect that an employee is stealing from you, you will need to react appropriately. Emotions can run high during high-pressure moments, so make sure that you have a response plan in place for any threat eventualities. Stick to your checklist and work your way through it.

Having a more secure office leaves you and your team free to focus on their tasks. If you’re concerned about your security then talk to professionals who have experience with business security. The more that you take steps to protect your office, the safer and more secure your business will be.

Aggie Aviso