I never thought I would depend on the internet as much I do today. Seven years ago, I wasn’t even keen on opening an e-mail address but had to because of work. Now, I am one of those people who need to check their e-mails every hours (Ok, fine, I confess, every 10 minutes even). I function exclusively  when I connect to the internet – my job is there, my friends are there (and yes, they are real life friends we just live so far from each other) and of course, my hobby and passion, scrapbooking, is there too.

I started scrapbooking December of 2005. This is when we got broadband internet connection at home. If we had connection way before, I would have started six months earlier. I saw some awesome pages from an online friend and just had to check it out. Incidentally, the pages were made from kits of Robin Carlton and Manda Bean, the very designers I work for at Sweet Shoppe Designs today. From there, I was hooked into the hobby, as they, hooked-line and sinker. There was a time I spent so much on buying digital scrapbooking kits and sadly, almost 75% of them I have never used (and have been since deleted from my hard drive). Now I rarely shop because I can get everything I need at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I am a lucky scrapbooker indeed!

One thing you need to have before scrapbooking digitally: a computer that can handle large-sized files with a memory than can handle Photoshop running on so many files and layers. You need an internet connection that can download large files too (dial up may be a pain in this regard). There are many Verizon deals you can avail right now. Verizon bundles now include internet connection, cable and phone line so if money is tight in the household you can save with these amazing Verizon offers!

Aggie Aviso