Making your home looking fit for guests and cosy for you and your family can be difficult when you work full time, look after the kids and have lots of errands to run at the weekend. That’s why today we are going to take a look at these tips for looking after your home when you are a busy person:

If It Doesn’t Look Dirty, Don’t Clean It

You don’t have to fully bleach, scrub, polish and vacuum your home every single week. To save yourself the headache of spending your whole weekend cleaning up, wait until your home starts to look dirty. It might sound disgusting but it is a clever way of saving you time and money on cleaning supplies.

House cleaning services are another option you could take if you don’t have the time to clean, but do have the money to pay someone else. It will take away the stress and allow you to enjoy your downtime.

Divide Cleaning Up Across Every Weeknight

If you hate the thought of letting dirt pile up, do one small task each weeknight. You could dust the living room one day, mop the floor in the kitchen the next etc… it will keep your home clean without you taking hours to do everything at once.

Wash Dishes As You Go

If you have a large family, a dishwasher is a great tool to save time washing up. If not, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and then having to rinse things which haven’t cleaned properly can take a lot of unnecessary time. Instead, as you cook, clean utensils and pots as you go. Don’t leave a pile of pans on the side for after you eat. If you are waiting for something to simmer, use the time to clean up.

Keep Microfiber Cloths Around for Quick and Easy Dusting

Don’t let yourself be tempted by wiping away dust with your hand, because the dust will only move around the room and settle elsewhere. Keep a cloth close by in any room which builds up dust fast so that you can give it a quick wipe and get on with your day.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use

Most of us will over time end up with random items around the house which we don’t use, and could get rid of to create room for other things. If you have some old ornaments, cardboard boxes, electrical equipment you no longer use: get rid of it to declutter your space and keep the house tidy.

Many of us are sentimental creatures, and we will hold onto things which hold memories for us. But the problem is that it is too easy to collect things like this over time and end up with many things that you’ll never look at or use. Make a rule that anything you don’t use within a year must go. It will save you so much time cleaning around small ornaments and moving things around, and will make your home feel bigger and brighter.

Aggie Aviso