One of the most popular types of homes to buy at the minute is period property. Period property is, basically, very old homes. If the house you want to buy dates back to the 19th Century or earlier, then it is very much a piece of period property. These are highly sought after as they are often very stylish and appeal to those homebuyers who want to create a vintage or retro interior design.

But, even though they may sell extremely well, there is one problem with these popular, old houses. And that is that they are often far from being environmentally friendly. In fact, you might have a lot of work on your hands if you do want to turn your new period home into an eco-friendly haven. But don’t panic, it’s not a lost cause. You just need to use these tips to help you out!

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Get Modern Insulation

Your new home probably won’t have modern insulation. In actual fact, if it is extremely old, it probably won’t feature any insulation at all, modern or otherwise! Thankfully, this is easy to remedy. You just need to get some modern installation installed. You can buy the installation materials at your local hardware store if you want to try this yourself. However, it will be a lot quicker for you to get a professional insulation company to come and carry out this task for you.

Add Some Solar Panels

Just because your new property might be very old, there is no reason you can’t think about solar installation. Some people who own old homes worry that the property’s roof might not be up to the job of holding such heavy panels, but that rarely causes a problem. In fact, these days, it is possible to install solar panels on the ground next to the property. That way, you don’t have to worry about any damage to the property itself!

Install Double Glazing

One of the first things that most new homeowners do as soon as they move into their new property is replace the windows. Your old house will have single glazing, and the window frames will probably be wooden. This is bad news for you as it can increase the chance of draughts, which will make the home colder. But it’s easy to fix – you just need to get some double glazing installed. This will help your home stay warmer for longer, and it can bring down your heating bills.

Replace The Heating System

Talking about heating, if the house still has its original heating system in place, you will be much better off replacing it with a modern system. This is especially the case if the property only has coal fires. Not only are coal fires expensive to run, but they are incredibly bad for the environment. You will find it more advantageous to add some central heating and keep the fireplaces as decorative features.

Turning your period property doesn’t have to be a struggle. Hopefully, all these tips will help you out!

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