The creative industries are those that are consistently ranked as the least likely to ever be replaced by a robot or program. Whether you are a writer, painter, sculptor, or a digital designer, there are so many different creative outlets out there; the only challenge is finding paid work for your talents. Being a struggling painter might be romanticized in literature, but it is a harsh reality to experience. Instead of letting your talent go to waste, consider any of these top four jobs.

Graphic Designer? Try Web Design

Everyone needs a great looking website, and the more unique and fun it is to interact with said website, the longer users will spend on it. Websites also often go through several redesigns over the years in order to stay updated and trend-friendly, so as to appeal to users. What this means is that as a web designer, you have plenty of work opportunities available to you. You don’t even necessarily need to know code, either. You can create custom logos, content, and visuals to improve the quality of sites and themes around the world.

To become a successful web designer, start first with a great personal website and digital presence. You will also ideally want to have a professional workspace to be productive in. Thankfully, with companies like The Brew, you can become a member and rent out a single co-working space in a luxury office that will not only help you get your work done, it will also act as a great marketing tool to wow clients.

Photographer? Try Marketing or Journalism

A single photo can tell a thousand words, and as a photographer, your talents are automatically suited for marketing and advertising. Photographers can make a real killing by taking their work from editorial to product photography, for example. Or you can work closely with news agencies and be a photojournalist. There are many ways you can become a success as a photographer without having a gallery, so see what your options are.  

English Major? Try Writer or Editor

Though English majors would also make great marketers or advertisers, those professions are not for everyone. Thankfully, there is a lot of work to be done by simply doing what you love best – writing or reading. If you love to write, you can be a copywriter, a PR agent, a journalist and so much more. You can work in pretty much any industry, so long as you can your foot into the door. Love to read? Edit the writer’s work in any of those industries. Quality checks are critical for success everywhere, meaning you can find work in whatever industry you are most passionate about.

Freelance Artist? Try Product Design

One difficulty artists have is selling enough of their products to take their passion full time, but that might not be the only way you can enjoy the process of creating and still maintain a full-time job. For those of you who create 3D objects, like sculptures, garments, or jewelry, try to get hired as a product designer. You can have your designs sold to the masses and enjoy a steady paycheck, at least until you are ready to take your work and start your own brand.

Being creative does not mean you are doomed to live a life of poverty, only that you need to be creative with how you sell your talents. There is a huge market out there for you, and all you need to do is jump in.

Aggie Aviso