I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that there is an A-MAZING kit for Lauren Grier out in SSD last weekend. Lauren, or La to all of us, has been hospitalized because of life-threatening blood clots last week. She is a single Mom whose sole income comes from designing, so not being able to put out kits because of her hospitalization would be more stressful for her. And because of some generous,loving and kind designers from all of digiland, this collab for her was born.

It’s called a A Little Help from My Friends and based from the previews alone, you know this one is a HUGE kit. It has over 30 papers, elements, a template, at least 4 types of alphas, TWO fonts (by Darcy Baldwin and Heather Hess) and an action by MY4Hens Photography. Seriously, how amazing is that? This kit will be sold all throughout April so I hope you take time to support La! You can buy the kit, or stock up on her kits from her store. You won’t be disappointed!

Cookies 4 La is also a limited edition product which will be available through the end of the month for the financial benefit of Lauren and Connor. Take a peek at this great collection…

And I normally do not scrap with charity kits so fast and easily, but to prove that this kit is gorgeous in every way, I made TWO pages in less than 24 hours (using the Sugarbabe Cookies) and you would notice that it doesn’t look that they come from the same kit – right? I plan to scrap more with this beauty once I am done with spring cleaning my soul this Holy Week.


Aggie Aviso