artscow albums

These are my finished albums for the month. These are 6×6 albums from Artscow and it was my first time using their layout templates and background papers. It is easier to assemble, especially for single day events like birthdays. Since 6×6 albums are so cheap, I had three copies made so I can keep on to myself and copies to my parents and siblings. They have been requesting for pictures for the longest time.

I need to learn more about wrinkle creams but I just couldn’t pass up what I have been feeling about scrapbooking and memory-keeping. You see, for the past weeks, I have been busy decluttering my hard drives from kits and photos. Deleting kits, even ones I haven’t used, was easy. Deleting pictures, even the multiple ones and blurry ones, were hard. So far I have finished 2006, half of 2007 and half of 2010. I realized 2008 and 2009, my first two years as a work-at-home Mom, were my “most fruitful” years, photo-wise. I couldn’t help but cry a tear or two whenever I’d see random everyday moments coupled with blog posts from my main blog (more on this later). I’d love to scrapbook THEM ALL, but cost-wise, time-wise, that would be impractical. I also do not know how will I ever effectively store them all – loose prints, loose pages, binded albums?

So needless to say, for the past two weeks, I have not been able to finish ANYTHING. I kept going back and forth to doing themed albums to just scrapbooking then scrapping for my creative team. I am still thinking what would be the best approach, as I have made a conscious effort to stay away from the computer for longer periods of time and do some quality “face time” with my kids and husband.

What will be your approach? Themed albums – what will be your critieria? And how do you store loose scrapbook pages and decide which pictures to print?

Aggie Aviso